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because ourself benifit
a lot from it, we like you to
experience it too.
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You get to try our curated selections at your own privacy with our discreet and fast delivery. Just kick back and enjoy.
Let it be RAW FORM or MICRO DOSING, we get you cover like a winter jacket on your back!


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Micro dosing

When life give
you lemon.

You’ll still come up roses. Microdosing can be your best friend in beating the blues, chopping through that creative block, and giving procrastination a kick in the pants.
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Which one is for you?

Not all
mushroom create
the same effect.

Some will make you feel like an astronaut, as the visuals will be out of this world. Some will make you feel like a philosopher while you ponder the origin of universe. And then there are the mushrooms that will turn the evening into a comedy show with endless laughter that doesn’t require punch lines.

No matter what kind you choose your experience will result with beautiful after glow and no hangover.


Our own
true story.

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